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Anna Pascher


Anna Pascher is a Düsseldorf-based contemporary artist, who studied design and ran a successful fashion company for over 10 years in Berlin before she turned to her true passion, art. 

Pascher started by skillfully capturing the essence of everyday objects, transforming them into compelling visual narratives. 

Recently, her artistic repertoire primarily revolves around the aspects of intuition and breaking away from the conventional notions of representational objects by color overlap, intuitive lines and the increasing integration of surrealistic stillifes. 

The viewer is invited to perceive the art works with the same impartiality with which they were created and to interpret them intuitively and individually, enabling a personal transformation that allows oneself new perspectives.

Pascher embraces different materials and surfaces, utilizing acrylic, graffiti and oil paints on paper and canvas. This artistic approach enables her to delve into a realm of textures and techniques, fostering experimentation and innovation.


Anna Pascher describes her work as spontaneous and intuitive. 


My intuition is my inspiration and at the same time my intention. I immerse myself in a scene and envision the atmosphere and surrounding sounds. Without overthinking, I translate these sensations into visual art.


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